Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Upcoming Shows for August

Welcome friends and valued art supporters! Upcoming August shows:


About Me

I hold a degree in Fine Arts, with a focus on painting from San Francisco State University. It was love at first sight when I first discovered my deep love and passion for clay while taking a ceramics course in college. That passion has allowed me to combine clay and innovative ideas to create whimsical pieces of art. For years, I taught ceramics at Kids n’ Clay, before joining the Potters’ Studio in Berkeley as a professional ceramics artist.


Ceramics// I focus on both functional as well as decorative ceramics. My ceramic styles are inspired by nature, colors, and animals. I really enjoy the creation process of each piece from the beginning to the end. The pleasure with the unpredictability of clay and fire keeps my desire to continue to do more. Ceramics is always filled with fun, excitement, new surprises, and new discoveries.

Jewelry// While being pregnant with my first child I discovered another love for art, jewelry making. Like pottery, there is no limit to the possible product I can create. The different textures, colors, sizes and designs are endless. In contrast to working on the potter wheel, jewelry making has a different sense of calming and satisfaction to it.

What I do is truly a labor of love.


My pottery can be found at A.C.C.I. Gallery in Berkeley, at the Potters’ Studio in Berkeley, and at various art festivals throughout the bay areas.

Potters' Studio

673 Cedar Street

Berkeley, CA 94710

A.C.C.I Gallery

1652 Shattuck Avenue

Berkeley, CA 94709

*Jewelry will be sold mainly at street festivals and ACCI. However, during the holiday jewelry can be found at the Potters' Studio.


Phone: (510)325-4541

Email: Bvansoi@yahoo.com

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Thank you for your support!